Classic & vintage engineering.




This all began many years ago when we were boys who wanted to go fast, and “old junk” was what we could afford. No-one wanted it back then, so we had plenty of material to learn on, both cars and bikes: - learning how to keep things going is what launched us on our Engineering careers!

First motorbike, first ridden age 12; recently restored after more than 40 years of storage in bits. The picture on the right is the “before” - we always kept plenty of spares for this, we needed them.......

Some of our other bikes.

We will take on ANY motorcycle related job, no matter how bad the condition is: we won’t turn anything away. As  Professional Engineers we can cope with all aspects including engines, frames, forks, gearboxes, electrics etc, and we have in-house manufacturing facilities for repair or remanufacture of unobtainable parts, design upgrades, conversions, complete rebuilds, and the like. A few examples below:

BSA gearbox as it arrived for overhaul; a few bits missing, but not too bad.

This AMC box was a lot worse, but saveable.

A set of New Hudson girder forks; bent, twisted, cracked, and worn out: but overhauled and saved.

Shimmed and lightened valve gear for a 750cc BSA race engine.

Full flow, full pressure oil filter conversion for British engines (and others)

We will also deal with modern bikes, where owners prefer real Engineers: a brand new Yamaha in for our attention.

We provide the same range of services for other classic and vintage vehicles, and for vintage machinery and equipment. Please contact us for further advice.

Other vehicles and machines.

Trial assembly of a Burman B52 Gearbox, which arrived in pieces as a “kit”.

Fully overhauled and ready for another fifty years of use.

The completed New Hudson; isn’t that bonnie? - wish it was mine! (courtesy John Wyett)

Something different; a 1966 Triumph TR6 bobber, in for complete mechanical and electrical overhaul, and some re-design in the interest of safety and reliability: not everyone out there knows what they’re doing.

Fantic 240 trials, overhauled and brought back to life after 20 years in the back of a garage, and now being used again by the original owner and his son. A really good wee bike.

1943 WD BSA M20, completely overhauled - everything needed done, the only bike I’ve ever seen with tide marks inside the engine, gearbox and magneto! Now back with it’s owner and on the road again.