Consultancy services.

We provide Engineering Design and Management, Project Management, and Technical consultancy services at all levels. We generally operate in the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, and machine - building sectors, but are not limited to these areas.


We have considerable experience in picking up and running difficult projects, and have developed strong expertise in “trouble - shooting” jobs which have got into difficulties, and bringing them back on track.


Our wide experience and range of professional qualifications allows us to adopt a multi - disciplinary approach to managing and leading teams and sub - contractors, and to liaise effectively with clients and other interested parties at all levels. This approach has proven effective over many complex projects.


We have a long history of successful Engineering and Management, and will consider most challenges; a few of our previous projects are shown below.






The Maersk Inspirer jack-up drilling rig, shown under construction in the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Korea; a remarkable yard, capable of launching a ship every week.


We were responsible for Design Engineering, Technical  and Project Management on this job, which was completed on time, on budget.

A fully automated CNC drilling machine with 20 drilling spindles, capable of drilling any pattern of holes in steel casing up to 40ft long. Used to manufacture filter screens used in oil wells.


We were responsible for the entire design and build, and also for the design and build of the CNC wire wrapping machines and automated handling equipment used to produce the complete product.




A High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) wire-line intervention pressure control string of equipment, used to access some of the deepest, hottest, oil wells in the world. This equipment is rated to 30,000 pounds per square inch working pressure, and is a world “first”; no - one else has managed to achieve this.


We provided Project Management, original Engineering Design, and acted as Technical Authority for this job, for which we  received the clients “Technical Innovation” Award.


The project was completed and in service a year before the initial estimates.